During his years at Our Lady of Angels in Harlem NY, Bl. Solanus gave rise to the work of the Seraphic Mass Association (today called the Capuchin Mass Association) founded in Switzerland as a means to support Capuchin foreign missionaries. Those who enrolled their name with a small donation would be remembered in the prayers and Masses of the Capuchin Friars around the world.

This excited Bl. Solanus, of course, because it inspired more devotion to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. It wasn’t long before the community noticed that, when Bl. Solanus enrolled a person, amazing results and even complete cures began to happen regularly.

Nov. 8, 1923
Bl. Solanus wrote in a large ledger: “Fr. Provincial wishes notes to be made of special favors reported as through the Seraphic Mass Association.” He would eventually fill seven notebooks with over 6,000 entries until 1956. These favors he never attributed to himself, but always to the mercy and love of God for all His people.

March 28, 1924
“Patrick McCue enrolled for one year Feb. 9, by fellow motorman---reported today entirely cured of both gangrene and diabetes, and working every day. Doctors baffled!”

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