Capuchin Life

After his ordination, Bl. Solanus spent 20 years in New York, Harlem, and Yonkers. He was assigned to St. Bonaventure Monastery in Detroit where he worked for 20 years, August 1, 1924-July 23, 1945.

Bl. Solanus’ first assignment at Sacred Heart in Yonkers NY caused his pastor to question how a “simplex priest” might fit in. Solanus first served as sacristan, then director of the altar servers, then porter or “doorkeeper,” answering the bell at the monastery door. These were minor jobs for rookie friars, but Fr. Solanus took great pride in it. How could it be demeaning to care for the church and the altar? His intense devotion to the Eucharist was fostered in the hours before the Blessed Sacrament.

It was at the monastery door, though, where Bl. Solanus became a much-loved and sought-after counselor. Eventually, visitors came and asked for Bl. Solanus. Sick people sought his blessing and remarkable cures began to take place.