“Blessed Solanus Casey’s Journey to Sainthood” broadcast documentary

Capuchin Franciscan friars pose for a photo with filmmaker Keith Famie

Producer/Director Keith Famie announces his latest film “Blessed Solanus Casey’s Journey to Sainthood” will debut on Detroit Public Television/PBS, narrated by well-known TV and radio personality Chuck Gaidica, on December 26, 2019 at 9pm as a holiday special.

This moving one-hour film, which will feature heartfelt stories of who Blessed Solanus Casey was, includes interviews from Capuchin friars as well as people from across the country who knew or were impacted by Solanus Casey. The film will also explore the early life of Blessed Solanus Casey – what it was like growing up in Wisconsin with Irish immigrant parents and how he started the journey of becoming a Blessed in the Catholic Church. Additionally, we will delve deep into what brought Blessed Solanus Casey to Michigan and the impact he had on the creation of the Capuchin Soup Kitchen. Through the film we will gain a better understanding of what is a miracle, how faith plays a role in our lives today, where the Franciscan Friars originated and who they are today.

“I am certain the story will become a lesson about how we treat one another, for anyone – no matter what faith beliefs they have,” Famie said.

“Blessed Solanus Casey’s Journey to Sainthood” was underwritten by the AA Van Elslander Foundation. The supporting Executive Producers are Jack Krasula and John & Carole Kulhavi.

To see a trailer for the film, please go to http://solanusjourney.com/.