Recent Favors Reported

January 2014

Dear Brothers,

Last February my mother came down with pneumonia so we took her to the hospital. Her case was so severe that at one point her heart dropped to 15 beats per minute. The doctor didn’t believe she’d pull through so I left a prayer card of Fr. Solanus in her room. I chose Fr. Solanus Casey because she met him when he was in Indiana in the 1950’s. I told her to “pray for his intercession; if you’re unable to pray, think about him; and if you can’t do that, just look at his picture.” Ever since then, she steadily improved. In mid-March she graduated to the advanced healthcare facility. In early April she was admitted to a nursing home. In late May she was transferred to a non-restrictive facility. On July 19th we got her back home and she has remained mentally clear. Curiously, the doctor who wasn’t giving us much hope is Catholic. The other doctor who disagreed is Muslim! I don’t know if this qualifies as a miracle by the church’s criteria, but for us it was. Yours in Christ, G.K., OH


I was recently tremendously blessed with what I feel was a miraculous answer to prayer regarding my son who lives in New Zealand. Two years ago he was diagnosed with end-stage renal failure & had to go on dialysis treatment. Since he was in the process of applying for residency he was not eligible for the national health care which meant that he paid $12,000 per month out-of-pocket for dialysis treatment. It wasn’t long before he and family and friends were unable to continue funding his treatment.

Consequently, he lost 80% of his eyesight and was on the verge of losing his life when I read about the Venerable Solanus Casey in a newsletter I received in the mail. I immediately began praying for his intercession on behalf of my son. Only hours before he was being forced to leave the country, a ruling was handed down by the Immigration Minister that his residency had been granted. He is now receiving free health care for all his needs and his eyesight is beginning to improve. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Fr. Casey’s prayers were heard and we received a great miracle. Thank you, dearest Fr. Casey. D.D., via email


Dear Brothers,

Thanking God ahead of time is such a beautiful act of faith that God taught me through Fr. Solanus and I am very grateful! Last December I had blood in my urine and had a renal ultrasound which showed 2 larger stones (5mm and 12mm), one in each of my kidneys. The 12mm is too large to ever pass and requires surgery. The 5mm could possibly pass but would cause major pain and could get stuck. I had bleeding on and off for months but no pain,which indicated it could be moving slightly within in the kidney, but not passing.

I listened to a clip on your website from Fr. Solanus’ words & wisdom which related to thanking God ahead of time as an act of faith. This led me to read “Thank God Ahead of Time” and a story about a man who had a tumor. On his way to surgery, Fr. Solanus saw him and told him to have the doctors check it was gone and he didn’t need surgery. I folded this page and “thanked God ahead of time” for the healing of my stones and asked for Fr. Solanus’ intercession.

A few days before the CT scan, I tried to visit the Solanus Casey Center for the first time to ask Fr. Solanus for his intercession at his tomb. The Center was closed due to a power outage that day, but we prayed anyway in the parking lot as a family and asked for Fr. Solanus to intercede. We didn’t need to be in the building for the power of prayer to work...we knew God saw our efforts. My dad had a strong devotion to Fr. Solanus and I feel they were both praying for me.

I had the CT scan on 9/8 to plan surgery options, but  the report shows both stones are completely gone, praise God! The radiologist and urologist both looked at it separately and both told me they saw nothing.  There is no way these could have passed naturally and both kidneys are now clear! God bless! -Pam