Criteria for Reporting a Favor

An important task of the Guild in helping the Cause advance is obtaining reliable reports about healings that might be considered as possible miracles.

We look for records that show that a definite healing has occurred without medical intervention. A specific procedure for this has been developed by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints and is recommended by our Capuchin Postulator in Rome.

The various elements are summed up as follows:

DIAGNOSIS: A true and complete diagnosis is most important. The illness must be identified with certainty and should be verified by doctor’s reports and hospital records. All laboratory records such as X-rays, blood tests, etc. will be necessary.

PROGNOSIS: The prognosis is important to determine if the case was considered incurable or life-threatening.

TREATMENTS: If any treatments were given they must be described fully, together with the effects of the treatments, whether for better or worse. The medical records should indicate all this.

TIMING: It ought to be stated whether the cure was SUDDEN or INSTANTANEOUS or GRADUAL. The timeline will be important. One should indicate when the patient went in the hospital or visited the doctor before/after the cure. The cure must be verified by appropriate tests: X-rays, CT scans, etc.

COMPLETENESS: The completeness and permanence of the cure should be stated, but to be restored to an original condition is not necessary either. Signs such as scars could remain.

PERMANENCE: The healing must be lasting. In some cases it will be necessary to wait a period of time to be sure there is no relapse.

INVOCATION: Finally and most importantly, the invocation should be verified. One must prove clearly when the prayers for Fr. Solanus’ intercession were started and when the cure took place to show the relationship of the cure to the prayers.

Reports: Please either email to or mail your report to the Cause of Solanus Casey, 1780 Mt. Elliott, Detroit MI 48207. You can also call our Vice-Postulators Br. Richard Merling 313.579.2100, ext 161 or Fr. Larry Webber.