Notes from Brother Richard

August 22...

Thousands of Fr. Solanus' relic badges are requested each year. The tradition of the Fr. Solanus' relic badges began in 1962. Those badges contained a small piece of material from Fr. Solanus' habit. As you can imagine, we no longer have these badges (known as 2nd Class relic badges). Today we offer 3rd Class relic badges. It contains a piece of cloth that has been blessed and touched to Fr. Solanus' tomb. The finishing touch of each relic badge is the crocheted material that has been lovingly attached by a steadfast group of volunteers. Their ministry is to provide the material that will provide comfort to the relic badge recipient as he/she runs their fingers across the relic badge, sometimes in worry, sometimes in praise, always in appreciation.

August 3...Last week, several people made the trip to the St. Bonaventure Monastery to share on video tape the favor they received from Fr. Solanus. It was very inspiring to hear the faith of the people and their devotion to Fr. Solanus. There were many tears and much laughter as they relayed the miracle they received through the intercession of Fr. Solanus. It was a day I will always remember.