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The Solanus Casey Center has created FREE Year of Mercy Video Presentations & Study Guide. The presenter, Capuchin Friar Dan Crosby, is a powerful (and popular) speaker who travels the world, addressing Franciscan spirituality.

Fr. Dan addresses two topics: Pope Francis & Mercy and Father Solanus Casey & Mercy. The Pope and Venerable Fr. Solanus both reflect joy, peace, trust, appreciation...all because God's mercy is at work. The two presentations ask how we can reflect these attributes in our lives. Each presentation consists of two 45 minute video segments.

We are excited about the FREE Year of Mercy Video Presentations & Study Guide because (as Fr. Dan explains): "Nothing is more important to Pope Francis than understanding mercy.

Pope Francis does not want us to waste time talking about mercy. He wants us to make alive the experience of mercy."

We truly believe these free presentations will help people 'make alive the experience of mercy.' The presentations are powerful and include a study guide that provides reflection questions and prayers.

The materials are online. Go to:

If facilitators wish to utilize the material in a group or classroom setting, a DVD set can be mailed to the facilitator for a nominal $7.50 cost which covers shipping and handling. Mail your request (including shipping instructions and check made payable to Solanus Casey Center) to: 
Solanus Casey Center, Attn: Mercy, 1820 Mt. Elliott St., Detroit, MI 48207

Fr. Solanus often said, “Blessed be God in all His designs and in His mercy which is above all His works.” According to Fr. Dan, this reveals the heart of Gospel spirituality and theology. This was the bedrock of Fr. Solanus’ spirituality.  This is how he experienced God’s mercy. 

The Fr. Solanus Guild and Solanus Casey Center trust you will find these presentations an inspiration.

Blessings to you,
Br. Richard Merling

PS: We encourage you to share this news with your friends and family. We thank you ahead of time!




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