Guild membership is one of the most important ways to support our work. The Guild began in 1960 as a movement of lay people devoted to Fr. Solanus. Today, we depend on the prayers, encouragement, and support of people like you all around the world.

Membership is a share in the prayers of Guild members all around the world. Each new member grows our family of devotees to the life and spirituality of Father Solanus. Each member praying for his intercession - and sharing with loved ones - increases our likelihood of finding the miracle needed for Beatification and, ultimately, Canonization/Sainthood.

Membership benefits include a subscription to the Guild News, our quarterly newsletter to keep you up-to-date about our happenings and to share information about our work. This is the only mail you’ll receive from us unless we have a special event in your area or news that can’t wait for the next issue. A monthly Mass is celebrated each month for Guild members. Their intentions are remembered daily in prayer. Membership Form

We welcome you to this Cause in whatever way you can participate.

Sincerely Yours in Christ,

Br. Richard Merling, OFM Cap.

Director, Fr. Solanus Guild